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Volunteer Resources and Staff Training Specialist

Volunteer Resources and Staff Training Specialist


Report to: Human Resources Coordinator

Salary Track: F-G

FLSA Status:  Exempt


Performs professional duties necessary for the recruitment, orientation, placement, and retention of volunteers system-wide. Serves as a liaison to the Friends of the Library for routine activities.  Participates in community events to promote library awareness.   Works jointly with the Human Resources Coordinator in developing, organizing, and presenting training programs for staff.  May also assist in routine Human Resources activities, as needed.  Completes routine work independently seeking advise on more complex issues.


  1. Volunteer Resources - Develops volunteer opportunities within the District and/or community. Performs recruitment, orientation, and placement of volunteers District-wide, including the library gift shop.  Develops and maintains volunteer records and time sheets. Assists with planning and presenting volunteer training and special recognition programs.  Works cooperatively with the Planning and Development Coordinator on volunteer projects.
  2. Liaison to the Friends of the Library - Responds to routine information requests.  Attends Friends' meetings, presents District's funding requests, coordinates authorized disbursements, and reports to management staff on the proceedings.   Assists with annual projects such as the Book Fair, community receptions, and recognition programs.
  3. Staff Training - Works jointly with the Human Resources Coordinator in training District staff, including researching and developing programs, identifying and coordinating training resources within the District and in the broader community, organizing materials and training schedules, and presenting programs as needed.
  4. Human Resources - Works with the Human Resources Coordinator in routine matters, such as checking references, distributing benefit information, responding to applicant inquiries, and special projects and events, as needed.


  1. Develops District volunteer job descriptions, policy manuals, and applications.
  2. Organizes training materials and machinery needed by instructors and arranges training schedules for specific training programs.
  3. Performs related duties as requested by Human Resources Coordinator and/or the Planning and Development Coordinator.


Personal computer, printer, copier, calculator, fax, automated phone system, cash management system, and other computer or business equipment.


Requires BA/BS degree and 1 or more years of related experience.  Must have strong verbal and written communication skills, have knowledge of library operations, and have working experience with computer software including word processing and spreadsheets.   Prefer experience in retail management, volunteer management, staff training, and/or human resources.

(Revised 6/8/98)