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Teen Book Review

A Time to Cherish by Robin Jones Gunn

Rating 5

Reviewed by Brittany, grade 11

Christy Miller, Todd Spencer, Katie Weldon, and Doug are going to Lake Shasta on a houseboat with Christy's Uncle Bob & Aunt Marti for Labor Day weekend!  Christy & Todd finally establish their relationship, and Katie is left more jealous than ever.  Soon Michael steps into Katie's life, and she is forever changed.  Christy may not always agree with Katie's decisions, but one is learning what being a true friend means.  This is definately a time to cherish.  I would recommend this book because it shows us how God is there for us, through the ups and downs.  It is very easy to realte to becasue the book talks about things that happen to everyone.  Overall, a great book.

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