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Teen Book Review

The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson

Rating 5

Reviewed by Kelsey, grade 11

After reading this story, I can say one thing: a must-read for every teenage girl struggling with a complication.  Protagonist Lennie Walker is the average, curly haired, girl-in-band with extraordinary occurances.  She must learn to cope with her sister Bailey's death while her mother fails to return from her life long travels that she never comes back from.  Between her sister and mother gone forever, Lennie has to juggle school, family, and her new-found interest in boys.  Going from a guy-shut-in to blancing two gorgeous guys, one who's love is forbidden, the other's who is the fairytale dream of every girl.  Lennie must learn to master life without her beloved sister.  Jandy Nelson does a remarkable job writing this novel (unbelievalbe how it is her first!).  Absolutely stupdendous.  Marvelsous.  A plus.  This story makes you want to fall in love; it's spell hoooked me.  I coudln't have asked for a better read to start teh summer. -{heart}-

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