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Teen Book Review

The Runaway Twin by Peg Kehret

Rating 5

Reviewed by Julia, grade 6

The Runaway Twin was my favorite book.  The book was a tear jerker.  The book is about Sunny Skyland.  Sunny Skyland would seem like your average ordinary 12 year old girl, but she's not.  When Sunny was only four years old her mother died, after he mothers funeral Sunny got separated from her win sister Starr.  After that Sunny went to stay with her grandmother and then her cousin and then a series of foster homes through all of that she never talked to Starr.  Sunny began to think about Starr.  After alot of thinking Sunny decided to go on a journey to find Starr.  Sunny continues to find her through this amazing story.   This book was my favorite that is why I recommended it to you.

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