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Teen Book Review

No and Me by Delphine de Vigan

Rating 4

Reviewed by Esther, grade 9

This book was really good book to me.  In this story, there were two main characters.  Both of them had pain each other.  The girl whose name was No had no house, and she lived in the street.  The other girl who was I in this book had pain about her family.  From this, she didn't look like a normal girl.  But after they met and during they knew each other, they touched each other.  I wanted No be her part of her lifes.  Also, No was tamed by I.  From No, I's fmaily problems were solved.  I's mother illed because her daughter died when she was 2 years old.  She got shock and lived like dead people, and it affected to I.  Also, No's mother remarried and he ran away from her.  she lived really poorly and she was like I's mother.  So No ran away.  They were best friend and looked like that they couldn't live without each other.  I could feel their feelings and how painful when they live.  I have no related to characters, but from this book, I knew how the street people sad.  I and No tried to fight against their life and world.  Sometimes, they felt bad that becasue it made people know their lives and felt many things.  Also, I hope that if you read this book, think about their feelings their happenings.  The title was really good to me.  Because in this book it showed each other's lives and their relationship between them.  So I felt many things from this book. :)

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