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Teen Book Review

Midnight by L.J. Smith

Rating 5

Reviewed by Kaiyln, grade 10

This book is an amazing continuation of L.J. Smith's Vampire Diaries.  I enjoyed reading this whole sereis and cannot wait to see what is next for Elena, Stefan, Damon, Matt, Bonnie, Meredith, and the town of Fell's Church.  In this book things are not what you expect them to be.  Children turning on their parents.  Parents turning on their kids.  But it is not entirely their fault.  Something is possessing them.  But who is controlling them?  Is it Shinichi and Misao?  Or is it someone even more powerful?  That person may be closer then they think.  These people will find out there are more secrets between them then they ever imagined.  Will they find out the truth?  Find out all the answers in L.J. Smith's latest book "Vampire Diaries The Return: Midnight".

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