For Teens -

Spark Change in Your Community

How can you make a difference in your community?  Why not start small? 

Pay It Forward

The concept of paying it forward is simple.  In the novel by Catherine Ryan Hyde this is based on, a young boy does three good deeds for others in need.  In return, all the child asks is that they pass on the good deed to three other people and keep the cycle going.

You can start paying it forward today.  If you want, you can include a note that explains how to pay it forward and keep the reaction going!

Sample Good Deeds:

  - bring a bouquet of flowers to a nursing home

  - make a point to compliment a worker to their manager

  - mow your neighbor's lawn when you mow yours

  - offer to help an elderly neighbor with some chores

  - let someone ahead of you in line

  - offer to babysit for free

  - bake cookies or brownies for someone

  - do a chore that isn't assigned to you at home

  - leave a copy of a book you like somewhere for someone else to take and enjoy

  - offer popsicles to people outside duing manual labor in the summer

  - make a meal for a new mom or someone who is ill

  - make a donation instead of treating yourself to something