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Make a Time Capsule

Materials needed:

  • containers with lids
  • glue or duct tape
  • permanent markers or paint
  • desiccant, if possible, such as silicia gel.  (Can be found in hardware stores)
  • various personal items


1.  Decorate the container with markers or paint.  Put your name on it, today's date, and a date in the future for it to be opened.  (10 years in the future is recommended.)

2.  Place personal items inside the container.

Some examples are photos, tickets from movies or concerts, a letter to yourself, newspaper articles about current events, magazine clips with the latest fashions, letters from parents or friends, price tags or store receipts, toys or trinkets labeled with why they are important to you, or lists (of favorite songs, movies, books, friends, things in your room, foods, etc.)  Do NOT put anything that will rot or leak!!--NO actual food!

3.  Once all the materials are in the container, put a desiccant inside.  (Silica gel to keep everything dry.)

4.  Seal the container.  Duct Tape around the lid work well or glue.

5.  Do not open before 10 years!