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IT Computer Systems Administrator

IT Computer Systems Administrator


Department: Information Technology (IT)

Reports to: Coordinator of Information Technology

Salary Track: I-J

FLSA Status:  Exempt



Responsibilities include installation, configuration management, integration, maintenance, performance management, data management, security management, failure analysis and recovery. Primary support of OPAC terminals, public PC’s, printers, and other hardware used by library customers. Enforce network security standards and document baseline system requirements. Interface with Network Administrator to ensure appropriate resolution during system outages or hardware failures. Configure, maintain, and support the district's proxy server to allow patrons remote access to the library's electronic resources.


1. Perform preventive maintenance and improvements to Maintain smooth operation of public access computer systems.

2. Maintain administrator and service accounts, maintain system documentation, tuning system performance, installing system wide software and allocate PC storage space in support of public access PCs and OPACs.

3. Make recommendations for public computer hardware and software.

4. Coordinate installation and provide support to library staff as it relates to public computer use.

5. Troubleshoot program and equipment difficulties on public equipment; correct or repair problems as requested.

6. Develop procedures and standards to ensure that District security, privacy, and public access policies are enforced.

7. Configure, maintain, and support the district's proxy server to allow patrons remote access to the library's electronic resources, including making changes to the proxy configuration to compensate for electronic product subscription changes, and software changes within the products.

8. Drives Districts van to multiple locations; lifts and stacks IT equipment weighing up to 75 pounds; and accesses and connects cables/plugs on the floor, under desks, behind furniture, etc. as needed.


1. Work with Network Administrator to provide secure, efficient use of District equipment and software.

2. Attend and participate in seminars, training and professional groups; stay abreast of new trends and developments in the field of computer programming.

3. Provide backup support to other staff members with respect to the district's Internet/Intranet website(s) as needed.

4. Perform other duties as assigned.


Desktop and laptop computers, printers, and other computer and electronic equipment used for District communications; electronic and network diagnostic and repair tools; diagnostic, performance, and security software programs; and District delivery van.


Must have strong communication skills and the ability to work independently or as part of a team. Must have extensive experience in supporting Microsoft operating systems environment and hold a BA/BS in a related field. (Under exceptional circumstances, relevant experience, certification or training may be substituted for degree requirement.) Must have experience in kiosk, public access, and/or education environments. Extensive knowledge of security, user control, and imaging software required. Help desk and other direct user support experience recommended. Knowledge of HTML, CSS, XML/RSS recommended.  Help desk and other direct user support experience recommended.  Experience in researching and resolving obscure technical problems also recommended.

(Revision proposed 1/12/09)