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Reliable and teacher approved online resources purchased by the St. Charles City County Library District available from home, school or anywhere in the world, any time or any day!
All you need is your St. Charles City-County Library District card.
If you would like assistance in choosing the best resource for answering your questions or need assistance in navigating the resources, please call the Reference Department of your local library branch.

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NoveList K-8 Plus
This resource lets you search by plot, series, reading level (Lexile score), character, etc. to locate a fiction or nonfiction book or list of titles you might like to read. Links to St. Charles City-County Library District online catalog.

You can search poems, stories, essays, plays and speeches by subject.

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Britannica Online for Kids
Extensive information with lots of graphics for kids

New Book of Knowledge
Easy-to-use encyclopedia for grades 3-5

Scholastic GO Kids
Access to all Grolier electronic resources for grades 3 & up is just one click away. New Book of Knowledge, Amazing Animals of the World, American the Beautiful, Lands and People, New Book of Popular Science and more.

World Book Encyclopedia
Encyclopedia designed for use by elementary school students

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Amazing Animals of the World
A virtual trip to the zoo, with engaging and interactive information on over 1200 animals.

Latest, in-depth science, health, and technology research and news. Science projects for elementary students.

Science in Context
Looking for science project ideas? Look no further for projects, background information & research.

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General Reference 

Gale Virtual Reference Library
Search books on drama, biography, literature, United States, countries, science, history & more.

Explora Primary Schools
Full text articles from magazines, news articles, encyclopedias, books and more. Videos and primary source documents also included.

SIRS Discoverer
Covering most topics for research, this electronic resource codes the entries for reading levels. It includes many pictures and occasionally has activities to go with a topic.

Student Resources in Context
Thousands of documents, biographies, essays on school topics, background information, and critical analyses as well as photos, illustrations and audio and video clips.

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Biography in ContextSearch for current or historical biographies for musicians, authors, presidents and more!

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America the Beautiful
Fact-filled tool for research on states, noted Americans and U.S. History

Enhance curriculum with age-appropriate, high-quality digital content from primary and secondary sources spanning thousands of titles and multiple media types

Lands and Peoples
Up to date information on countries, cultures and current events.

US History in Context
All areas of US history from pre-colonial to present day. Primary documents, books, magazines, maps & more.

World History in Context
All areas of world history from ancient to current. Primary documents, books, magazines, maps and more.


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Test Prep

Click on "Elementary School Skills Improvement" to use diagnostic and practice tests for 4th & 5th grade math and reading. Click on Ebooks: Parent Guides for info on homeschooling, reading, vocabulary, testing, etc.



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