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Historical Stock Price Search



Yahoo Finance
Yahoo Finance is an excellent web page for searching stock prices and historical stock prices. Simply enter the company’s name or ticker symbol in the search box on the top left of the page. Once, the company’s results appear you will have an option under “More On . . .”  to select “Historical Prices.”  

Big Charts From Market Watch
Big Charts From Market Watch is a web page that makes searching for “Historical Quotes” easy. Select the link above and once you arrive at the web page you can select “Historical Quotes” located towards the top of the page.

-NASDAQ, the global electronic index and marketplace for buying and selling securities, has a historical stock lookup option.  The website has 10 years worth of data.

The Wall Street Journal
The Wall Street Journal, well-known financial newspaper, has a historical stock lookup option on their website.  There are 15 years of data on the website.  To use the lookup option, after you click the hypertext link, follow the instructions below.
-enter the company name or symbol in the box.
-scroll down to Research and Ratings and click more.
-scroll to the bottom of the screen to the Historical Prices section.
-15 years worth of data.


Mergent Online
Mergent Online is a highly rated and reliable database for searching “Historical Quotes.” Follow the link above, select the Mergent Online link and search for your desired company by the company name or symbol. From the company’s page select the tab “Equity Pricing,” then select “Report” on the upper left region of the page. Once “Reports” is selected the option for “Time Period” appears with a drop down menu. That drop down menu will show how far back Mergent Online’s  records go.

Morningstar Investment Research Center
Morningstar Investment Research Center is a database we subscribe to, and one of its best features is the “Price History” feature. Follow the link above and select the database option for Morningstar Investment Research Center. Search by the company’s name or ticker symbol. Then, select “Performance” on the company’s page, and once that is selected the option for “Price History” will be available to select.