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Health Links

Above the Influence
Part of the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign--their mission is to keep you well informed and prepared to stand-up to pressures.

It's Your (sex) Life
Find information on pregnancy and contraception, HIV/STDs and communication. There is also a question and answer segment devoted to "emergency" issues.
Search for information provided by the U.S. National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health.

National Institute of Drug Abuse
The NIDA web site has a section devoted to students and young adults. The information found there includes drug information and related web sites.

Reach Out
ReachOut is run by the Inspire USA Foundation.  Inspire’s mission is to help millions of young people lead happier lives.  Information and stories on this site range from anxiety to health issues to violence and much more. 

Sober Recovery
Sober Recovery is an "Alcoholism and Addictions Resource Guide". This site is for more than just treatment and helpful information about alcoholism and recovery. Other recoveries covered on this site include gambling, eating disorders, and narcotics.

At WebMD you can look up articles and definitions diseases or issues you are concerned about.

Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program
"A comprehensive community-based Suicide Prevention Program". Yellow Ribbon aims to raise awareness, education, prevention, intervention, postvention, and save lives.