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Weather Closing or Emergency

The Director shall have the right to close the District facilities because of inclement weather. All full time and part time staff who are scheduled to work during such closings shall be compensated. Staff shall be paid for the number of hours for which they were scheduled to work. An employee who has scheduled the day off as vacation, sick, holiday or other paid leave, will be charged with those leaves.

In extreme weather conditions, the Director may declare a weather emergency.  In such an emergency, employees may be asked to work at locations or work stations not normally assigned to them. 

The Finance and Support Services Manager may delay, modify, or cancel deliveries during inclement weather. Part time drivers may be reassigned to other duties if their regular deliveries are canceled.

Individual Branch Managers may delay the opening time of their branch pending the arrival of sufficient staff to open and/or pending the removal of snow from the parking lots and walk ways. In some circumstances, Branch Managers may close their branch early, with the approval of the Director, if hazardous conditions develop.

Local radio stations shall be informed of any closing of the Library District.

(Revised 4/12/04)