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Sunday Personnel

The Sunday rates will apply only to public service staff that are scheduled to work the Sunday hours.  Employees working Sundays for other reasons (i.e. emptying book drop, emergencies, etc) will not be compensated at the Sunday rates.

Staff hired for Sunday hours shall maintain a temporary status for a maximum of 12 months (July 1 through June 30).  Sunday employees are not eligible for employee benefits.  Permanent employees will only be paid for hours worked on Sundays - annual leave, sick leave, or holiday hours cannot be used to cover Sunday hours.


The District will compensate Sunday employees according to the following pay schedule:

CURRENT DISTRICT EMPLOYEES:  All current District employees (includes exempt and non-exempt) working Sunday hours will be paid at their current salary step x 1.2, however no employee may be paid at a rate greater than G6 x 1.2.

TEMPORARY EMPLOYEES (RETURNING):  Temporary employees (those not currently employed by the District in any other capacity) who have their appointment renewed will be paid at their current  (frozen) salary step x 1.2.

TEMPORARY EMPLOYEES (NEW):  Temporary employees who have not worked previously for the District will be paid at step 1 of the track for their position x 1.2.

The effective date of this policy is July 1, 2010

(Revision Approved 6/14/10)