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Separation From Service-Disciplinary Action

Common ethics and state and federal laws require that disciplinary action comport with due process. In order to insure requisites of fairness, promptness, and legal sufficiency the St. Charles City-County Library system adheres to the disciplinary process outlined in the policy.

The essential nature of a disciplinary process insures that employees understand their duties and responsibilities and that rules and standards be enforced with consistency. However, the disciplinary process should be tempered by such factors as the seriousness of the offense, whether it was deliberate or unintentional and the employee’s record of behavior. In general, only enough discipline should be applied to correct the employee’s actions.

Following are the certain types of disciplinary action that may be required: oral reprimand, written reprimand, delay of salary advance, suspension without pay, disciplinary salary reduction, demotion, or dismissal. Although there is no real prescribed order, every attempt should be made to allow the employee the opportunity to correct inappropriate behavior before employment is terminated.

Occasions may arise, however, which necessitate the removal of an employee without delay. This includes such circumstances as when it is likely that an employee has committed a felony involving moral turpitude or when his/her continued presence on the job may endanger either the other employees, library patrons, library equipment/material, or be disruptive of library operations. IN such cases, the employee should be summarily removed and the Director or Deputy Director contacted immediately for appropriate procedural instructions.

(Adopted 5/11/81)