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Termination of Employment - Transitional Positions

Occasionally, the critical nature of a position to be filled may necessitate a transitional period when the out-going employee will remain in pay status to work with the in-coming employee for a smooth transition of projects and responsibilities. This will result in two employees in the same budgeted position during the transitional period.  Such overlapping of employees will require prior approval by the Director.

When the transitional or overlapping period of employment will exceed 90 days, approval by the Board of Trustees will be required.

The Budget for the St. Charles City-County Library District includes individual positions, their FTE (Full Time Equivalent), and their projected cost; however, due to the time involved in hiring for most positions, there are lapsed funds available to cover the expense for occasional overlapping of key positions. When it is reasonable and the circumstances are known during the budgeting process, the transitional period may be included in the District’s Budget.

(Approved 10/13/08)