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Termination of Employment - Reduction in Force

Terminations are classified as reduction in force when an employee’s job is eliminated because of discontinuation of a service, a need to economize, reorganization, or reasons of organizational efficiency.

Based upon recommendations from the Director, the Board of Trustees shall approve a reduction in force.

Before a RIF occurs the Director shall explore the following alternative:

  1. Every effort will be made to find a suitable transfer for that employee affected the RIF. The transfer sought should be to a position of comparable skills, responsibilities, and growth potential; a successful transfer will be dependent upon an interview and approval by the manager in the agency to which the transfer will be made. If the transfer is to a job of lesser pay, the District reserves the right to adjust salary as it deems necessary.
  2. Temporary and substitute staff positions may be eliminated.
  3. Arrangements for maintenance of staff may be made by; flexible work schedule, rearrangement of paid vacations, shorter work schedules, or job sharing.
  4. Part-time positions may be eliminated.
  5. If full-time posisitons are eliminated, the Director shall determine which employees will be affected based on: seniority, performance, and the future needs of the organization. Seniority shall be a prime but not sole consideration.

Terminated employees are entitled to receive all earned pay. Accumulated annual leave up to 160 hours will be paid in accordance with Policy #E192 Leave-Annual. Accumulated sick leave is cancelled and will not be paid to the employee at termination; this is in accordance with Policy #E352 Leave-Sick.

Terminated employee who carry Library sponsored health insurance may elect to continue coverage as specified under COBRA regulations. The premium for this continued coverage may not exceed 102% of the cost of providing corresponding coverage to employees under the group’s health plan.

In a RIF when termination of employment is necessitated those individuals affected will be given as much notice as possible and every effort will be made for outplacement counseling. An explanation of the circumstances surrounding the termination will be placed in the employee’s personnel file.

(Adopted 3/11/91)