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Termination of Employment - Layoff

A layoff, although it is initiated by the District, differs from other terminations in that it is normally a temporary situation, resulting from lack of work.

In a layoff situation, it is the intent of the District to protect a permanent employee’s tenure and all related benefits. Therefore, an employee who is laid-off because of a temporary lack of work is still regarded as an employee, but one who is not currently working and not receiving regular compensation.

Employees may elect payment of accumulated annual leave during the lay-off. Accrual of sick leave will continue as long as the employee is receiving compensation from the District. Sick leave will be paid according to Policy #E352 Leave – Sick.

Employees who carry health insurance sponsored by the District will be expected to continue payment of the normally monthly contribution for continuation of coverage during the lay-off.

If a lay-off is necessitated, employees will be given as much notice as possible. Employees will also be notified as to the expected duration of the lay-off. Lay-off recall notifications will be mailed to the employee. Positions will not be held for employees who fail to report to work within five (5) days of notification to return to work.

This procedure does not apply to termination of employment for disciplinary reasons or terminations of temporary positions.

(Adopted 3/11/91)