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Termination of Employment

Termination from the Library District will normally occur through one of the following actions:

  1. Resignation – voluntary termination by the employee.
  2. Retirement – voluntary termination by the employee.
  3. Dismissal – termination initiated by the District for just and sufficient cause.
  4. Reduction in Force – elimination of a position.
  5. Lay-Off – temporary termination resulting from lack of work.

All separation will be treated in a confidential, professional manner by all concerned. The Manager, Assistant Director, Director, and Human Resources Manager, must assure thorough, consistent, and fair termination procedures. This policy and its administration will be implemented in accordance with Policy #E112 Equal Employment Opportunity Statement.

Resignations: Resignations should be submitted to the Manager and forwarded to the Human Resources Manager. Under ordinary circumstances, two (2) pay periods notice is expected from professional staff and one (1) pay period notice from all other staff.

Retirement: Retirement notification should be submitted to the Manager and forwarded to the Human Resources Manager. Retirement must conform to the regulations set forth by Missouri Local Government Employee Retirement System.

Dismissal: Reasons for dismissal may be categorized under four (4) major headings:

  1. Unsatisfactory performance.
  2. Misconduct.
  3. Lack of qualifications for the job.
  4. Changed requirements of the job.

To insure fairness, promptness, and legal sufficiency, the District will adhere to the disciplinary process as outlined in Policy #E070 Corrective Counseling. The District also recognizes misconduct can necessitate the immediate removal of an employee. Misconduct may be defined as, but not limited to, deliberate and willful violation of District policies, theft of District property, insubordination, or other serious breaks of acceptable behavior.

Reduction in source or Layoff:When a reduction in force or elimination of a position are necessary, the District will adhere to Policy #E544.1 Termination of Employment – Layoff or policy #E544.2 Termination of Employment – Reduction in Force.


1.   : Accumulated annual leave up to the maximum allowed by policy will be  paid inaccordance with Policy #E192 Leave-Annual.  Accumulated sick leave is cancelled  and will not be paid to the employee at termination; this in accordance with Policy #E352  Leave-Sick.  Holiday leave must be used prior to termination; unused Holiday balances will      not be paid at termination in accordance with Policy #E160 Holidays - Full Time Employees and #E160.1 - Holidays - Part Time Employees.

2.    Benefits:

-    Upon the date of termination, the employee will lose status as an "employee" for benefit purposes and will no longer be eligible for any District benefits.

-    Heath Insurance: Employees who participate in the health insurance plan sponsored by the District will have coverage through their last day on the job or through the end of the month depending on the policy of the health carrier.  The employee may elect to continue coverage as specified under COBRA regulations.  The premium for this continued coverage may not exceed 102% of the cost of providing corresponding coverage to employees under the group's health plan.

3.    Library Property: Prior to their last day on the job, the terminating employee is responsible for turning in all Library District property to their supervisor or Manager.  This includes any items that have been within their possession, including keys, materials, equipment and other District property.

4.    Date of Termination: The date of termination will be the last day the employee actually works in the Library District.  This date may not be extended by vacation, holiday, or sick time.  However, if the employee is on a Leave of Absence and terminates while on Leave or fails to return from the Leave, the termination date will be the date of notification or the last day of the Leave of Absence.

5.    Final Paycheck: Terminated employees are entitled to receive all earned pay.  The final paycheck will be run on the next available payroll following the employee's date of termination.  In addition to work hours, the final paycheck will include any unused annual leave balances, according to Policy #E192 Leave-Annual.  For exempt, or professional staff, the final check will cover the entire pay period if the last day worked corresponds with  the last day of the pay period.  If the exempt employee works a portion of the pay period, the final paycheck will be calculated by pro-rating the days worked over the days in the pay period.   For hourly employees, the final check will include payment for all hours worked during the final pay period.


(Revised 12/10/01)