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Salary Schedule – Non-Track

Non-track positions have an entry level (Step 1) pay step which is followed by two additional steps. Annual pay increases from Step 1 to 2, and Step 2 to 3, are dependent upon satisfactory work performance which is documented in the annual performance evaluation. Pay increases are normally effective on the first day of the pay period in which the anniversary date falls.

Once an employee reaches step 3 there are no more pay step increases. Future pay increases may occur when the Board of Trustees approves a salary matrix increase at the beginning of a new fiscal year.

Non-track positions begin to accrue time off benefits: annual leave, sick leave, and holiday hours on the first pay period following the 3rd year anniversary date. Refer to policies: E192-Annual Leave, E352-Sick Leave, and E160.0 Holidays for more details.


(Revised 12/10/01, 5/13/14)