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Salary Schedule - Step Increases

The St. Charles City-County Library District classifies and determines the pay scale of library positions from Salary Track A through N as shown on the preceding salary schedule (#E512). Each track has a minimum and maximum salary range divided into steps. Progression from one step to the next highest within the track will be given to each tracked employee on the employee’s salary anniversary date when satisfactory performance has been shown in fulfilling duties and responsibilities of the position until the maximum step is reached. The effective date of the salary increase will be the first day of the pay period of the month in which the salary anniversary date falls.

The salary anniversary date of an employee is that of the employee’s date of hire. If an employee is promoted to a higher position/track or demoted to a lower position/track, the salary anniversary date of the employee changes to the date on which the promotion/demotion became effective.

Employees classified as Librarian Intern receive no anniversary step increases (see Library Intern Class Spec).

The Board of Trustees of the Library District shall reserve the right to freeze all employees step increases necessitated by financial exigencies.

(Revised 6/14/04)