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Recognition Program

A recognition program shall be established to honor the performance and dedication of staff members of the St. Charles-City County Library District. General recognition may consist of but not be limited to the annual Staff Party, Staff Picnic, and volunteer recognition. In addition, each budget unit shall be allocated funds for monthly recognitions for staff, including birthdays and anniversaries.

Branch Managers and other program unit heads may recommend other staff members who have contributed towards a specific project, have performed specific duties with excellence, or have developed concepts or ideas which have saved the District money. Recognition’s may be in the form of small cash awards of from $25 to $100, or may be in the form of other recognitions with a similar cash value. Documentation detailing exactly the reason for the recognition must be submitted for approval by the Director, Assistant Director and Human Resources Manager, and such documentation shall be placed in the employee personnel record.

(Adopted 7/10/89)