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Program Preparation Activities

Library District employees as part of their regular duties may present programs for the public.  The programs and the preparation for the programs are all considered work activities.  Exempt employees should record the time as hours worked; hourly employees should record the time on their time sheets for payment.  Whenever possible the preparation activities and the programs should be part of the employee’s regularly budgeted working hours, such as preparation for Children's, Young Adult, and Adult programs.  

Hourly employees who lead Book Discussion Groups will also be compensated for the time spent in the Discussion Group meeting and for preparation activities.  These preparation activities include the time involved in setting up and preparing materials, as well as reading the selected book for the Discussion Group meeting.  The reading time will be compensated at 5 hours per book at the employee’s current hourly rate.  Exempt employees will record the preparation time and the 5 hours of reading time as work time.

The District will not compensate employees who participate as members of the Readers Advisory Team and other similar committees for the time spent reading optional material.   Employees on the Readers Advisory Team and other groups will be paid for the time they spend at District meetings.  Attending the meetings is a requirement of the Team or committee membership, however, reading materials suggested is optional and up to the discretion of the employee.  Employees of a public library are expected to read as an inherent component of a worthwhile life.  Employees who choose to read materials suggested will not be compensated for their reading time.

Other activities in preparation for programs may be compensated and will be evaluated on an individual basis.

(Approved 5/9/05)