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Personnel Action Form

The Personnel Action Form (PAF) is used to report new hire information, change in status, eligibility for benefits, salary change, leave of absence, or separation of employment.  The PAF should be used each time there is an action that should be recorded in the individual’s personnel file or that requires payroll action.  Attach all available supportive material, such as, performance evaluation, request for Leave Of Absence or resignation letter, to the PAF. 

The employee’s supervisor/manager or human resources manager shall prepare the PAF which is then approved through the appropriate chain of command.  Timely submission of the PAF is necessary to ensure accurate payroll processing.

Required signatures:

  • Employee signature:  on all PAFs.  Extenuating circumstances which do not allow the employee to sign the PAF should be approved by the HR Manager.
  • Supervisor signatureon all PAFs
  • Branch or Department Manager signature: on all PAFs
  • Human Resources Manager signature:  on all PAFs 
  • Business/Finance Support Services Manager signature: on all PAFs
  • Assistant Director signature: on all PAFs for employees in  Salary Track D and above
  • Director signature: on all PAFs for employees in Salary Track F or above.

The signed document acts as the official record of the employment relationship and shall remain in the personnel file.   Employee’s may view their personnel file in the presence of the Human Resources Manager or approved designee.    A copy of the PAF may be given to the employee, upon request, if the employee has signed the form.

(Approved 11/9/92, Revised 10/8/2013)