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Licensing and Support Compensation - ILS Database Administrator

The St. Charles City-County Library District has developed and is currently using an in-house integrated library system (ILS) that has been customized to provide a full range of customer service functions specific to the needs of a public library.  In addition, the Library District has marketed this product to other public libraries within the State of Missouri and receives payment for the use and support of this ILS.  The District's Programmer/Analyst, working as the ILS Database Administrator, through his education, experience, analytical and research abilities, is uniquely qualified to provide value to the District in the following areas:

  1. Performs the work of a turn-key system developer providing new products and features for the ILS. This saves the Library District the expense of maintaining a third-party system and the added time and expenses needed for each new product, enhancement, update or customization requested by the District.
  2. Revenue generated by the outlying public libraries who have purchased the District's ILS provides the District with additional income.  While these fees also cover hardware and system support, the revenue itself would not be possible without the unique software support provided by the Programmer/Analyst -Database Administrator.  
  3. Due to the lengthy history, involvement and knowledge of the ILS, the Programmer/Analyst-Database Administrator provides creative changes, enhancements, and "fixes" for the current ILS in less time, at lower cost to the tax payer, with less effort, and with more efficiency than an outside provider. 
  4. Licensing the software to other public libraries through intergovernmental agreements brings revenue to the District and reduces over-all development costs.
  5. The District's current ILS is the backbone of many operations vital to the day-to-day functions of the St. Charles City-County Library District.  Providing a replacement person with the unique set of knowledge of the ILS would require an extensive learning curve and would leave the District's ILS system, and the dependent libraries, in a reduced state of service for a lengthy period.  

In recognition of the contributions made by the Programmer/Analyst, working as the ILS Database Administrator, and the acceptance of additional responsibilities outside the general and essential functions of the position, the District may offer financial incentives to compensate and retain this individual along the following guidelines.  It is recognized by the District that this action is designed to reward a key incumbent within the District, without inflating the District's class specs for other top administrative positions. 

  1. Programmer/Analyst will continue to support and maintain the Library District's in-house integrated library system;

  2. Programmer/Analyst will continue to support and maintain the Library District's ILS that has been provided to the other outlying public libraries;

  3. A licensing and support compensation shall be made through the usual payroll procedures and will be based on the systems supported:
  •  $125 per pay period for support and maintenance of the SCCCLD ILS;
  •  $ 50  per pay period for support and maintenance of each multi-site ILS;
  •  $ 25 per pay period for support and maintenance of each single site ILS.
  1. For each payroll, the IT Manager will approve the payment of the licensing support compensation to ensure that the above conditions still exist.

The compensation rate may be adjusted or discontinued as these specific set of ILS circumstances change.

This policy will be effective on September 16, 2008.

(Approved 9/8/08)