Leave - Annual

Employees receive Annual Leave according to the following schedule:

1. Full and part time exempt (professional level) employees will accrue Annual Leave based upon budgeted hours in a pay period. The accumulation for part time exempt employees will be in direct proportion to full time exempt employees. This Full Time Equivalent, FTE, is determined by dividing the weekly budgeted hours for the part time employee by the equivalent hours (40) of a full time employee.

For example, a 20 hour exempt employee's FTE is .50 (20 hr / 40 hours). The part time exempt employee will earn .50 or 50% of the full time employee's leave hours. The calculation method for exempt employees will be the FTE times 2,088 hours per year, times the Leave ratio in the chart below, divided by 24 pay periods.

An exempt employee at .50 FTE with one year of service will earn 50 hours per year or 2.08 hours per pay period.

(.50 FTE ratio x 2088 hours per year x .0479/ 24 pay periods.)

2. Full and part time non-exempt (hourly) employees will accrue Annual Leave based upon actual hours worked in a pay period (excluding over-time hours). The calculation method for hourly employees (non-exempt) will be the hours worked times the applicable leave ratio for years of service.

For example, an employee who works 24 hours per week will work approximately 48 hours per pay period; they will earn approximately 55 hours per year or 2.29 hours per pay period.

(48 hours x .0479 ratio 2.29 hours per pay period x 24 pay periods = 55.18 hours per year)

3. Part time non-track (Pages) employees who have reached their third anniversary date will accrue Annual Leave based upon actual hours worked in a pay period (excluding over-time hours) according to the same method described for non-exempt employees. At their third anniversary, part time non-track employees begin to accrue leave at the Leave Ratio of 5.99%

Anniversary Year       Leave Ratio         Earned per Year

Zero to the 3rd            4.79%          100 hours per year
Anniversary Date

3rd to the 8th              5.99%          125 hours per year
Anniversary Date

8th to 15th                  7.18%          150 hours per year
Anniversary Date

15th Anniversary         8.38%          175 hours per year
Date and after

Leave Approval

All requests for Annual Leave shall be approved by the immediate supervisor prior to the taking of the leave.

Annual Leave is granted for the period requested provided that the following conditions are met:

1. Scheduling of personnel can be arranged to cover the employee's work and/or service area during the absence;

2. The request is within the other regulations set forth by this policy.

Holidays will not be considered as Annual Leave.

Maximum Leave Accrual

Annual Leave will not be advanced but can accumulate from year to year. However, under no circumstances will an employee be able to accumulate more than 240 hours of Annual Leave. Employees resigning or whose employment is terminated will be paid only for accumulated annual leave up to 240 hours.

This policy will be effective July 1, 2000, and revised on 5/14/01 and 1/9/06.