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Holidays - Part Time Employees

Part time permanent employees who reach their third anniversary date will receive a certain number of holiday hours provided as partial compensation for those holidays when the Library District is closed. The number of holiday hours awarded each year will increase after the 8th anniversary date. The number of holiday hours awarded will be based on tenure and the number of hours budgeted per week as stated in the District’s budget.

Hours Worked Per Week Holidays Hours/Year Holiday Hour/Year

Hours Worked Per Week

(as budgeted)

Holiday Hours/Year

3rd Anniversary

Holiday Hours/Year

8th Anniversary

10 – 14.99 10 20
15 - 19.99 15 30
20 – 24.99 20 40
25 – 29.99 25 50
30+ 30 60

Accrual Period: Half of the holiday hours will be credited to the employee on January 1st, the remainder of the hours will be credited on July 1st. If an employee’s anniversary date falls within an accrual period, holiday hours will not be credited until the next full accrual period.

As with any leave, an employee must get the supervisor’s approval before taking time off.

There will be no remuneration for holiday hours upon termination of employment. Credited holiday hours will not carry over to the next calendar year.

(Revised 1/9/06)