E128 -



The Library District intends to provide a work environment that is pleasant, professional, and free from intimidation, hostility, or other offenses that might interfere with work performance.  Harassment in any form or fashion - verbal, physical, visual - by a customer, another employee, supervisor, administrator or board member will not be tolerated, including against employees in protected classes.

All Library District employees, and especially supervisors, have a responsibility for keeping the work environment free of harassment.  Any employee who becomes aware of an incident of harassment, whether by witnessing the incident or being told about it, must report it as soon as possible to their immediate supervisor or to the Human Resources Manager.

An employee who feels he/she is being victimized by harassment should immediately contact his/her supervisor or the Human Resources Manager.  Any validated complaint of harassment will result in immediate and appropriate disciplinary action of the offending party. In the event that the offending party is a member of the Library District’s Board of Trustees, the appointing authority will be immediately notified and a request made that the offending party be immediately removed from the Board.

Some problems may not be satisfactorily resolved through this method; therefore, a formal grievance procedure exists.  See Employee Grievance Policy, E128.

All complaints will be held in the strictest confidence to the extent it does not interfere with the investigation.  Retaliation of any sort will not be permitted.   If it is found that a charge of harassment is filed maliciously or with malfeasance, the person filing the complaint will be subject to disciplinary action.

(Revised 4/12/04)