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Exempt Classification

Employees meeting exemption criteria for professional, executive,  administrative, or computer positions under the Fair Labor Standards Act shall be considered to be in exempt classifications under policies of the St. Charles City-County Library District. Such positions shall not come under F.L.S.A. overtime provisions. In general, this exemption shall apply to positions classified as Track F and higher.

Exempt classifications shall be treated as salaried for the purposes of compensation. Annual leave for incumbents in such classifications shall be taken at the option of the employee. Administrative approval of such leave shall be for the purposes of scheduling and providing for adequate levels of service only. Partial day’s pay may not be docked for exempt employees, any leave taken under one day in length shall be at the employee’s option only.

Recording of time worked for such classifications shall be for the purpose of budgeting and shall not be done to insure that exempt employees work a minimum of forty hours in a one-week period.

(Revised 1/9/06)