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E075 -


Dual Track - Recognition Plan

The St. Charles City-County Library District shall offer a promotion plan to recognize professional level employees by raising salaries to the next higher track upon the completion of an additional education program.


The intent of the Dual Track - Recognition Plan is to reward outstanding employees who decide to complete extensive personal and professional development. Development may include, but shall not be limited to, an additional degree in any subject area for librarian generalists. For librarian specialists, managers, and other professionals, the additional degree must be in an area of specialization directly relating to their current position.


Application to the Dual Track - Recognition Plan will be reviewed by an admission committee consisting of the Director, Assistant Director, and Human Resources Manager. It is the responsibility of the admission committee to insure the following requirements are satisfied before admission is granted:

  1. Outstanding job performance clearly in excess of the required level for the position.
  2. Acceptable educational levels required for the position; accredited MLS for librarians, or BA\BS for other professional employees.
  3. Completion of an additional accredited degree above the requirements for the position:

For Librarian Generalists: completion of a second Masters degree, a 6 year post-graduate program, or a doctoral degree in any area of specialization.

For Librarian Specialists/Managers: completion of a second Masters degree, a 6 year post-graduate program, or a doctoral degree in management or an area of specialization that directly relates to their current position.

For Other Professional Staff: completion of a masters or doctoral degree in an area of specialization that directly relates to their current positions.

Implementation of Plan

Due to the impact of promotions on the budget, the following guidelines have been established:

  1. Appointments to the Plan shall be limited to professional series classifications, beginning with salary track F.
  2. Specialist, managers and other professional staff should contact the Human Resources Manager at the beginning of their educational program to ensure that the program is acceptable for promotional purposes.
  3. Requests for promotion under the Plan shall be submitted to the Human Resources Manager by March 15 of the year of the anticipated educational program completion.
  4. Professional level employees will be promoted on the first of the month following receipt of confirmation of their completion of the graduate work or additional educational program as described in the Criteria section of this policy. Confirmation can be a transcript or letter of confirmation from the educational institution.
  5. Employees who are recognized upon the completion of the education program will be promoted one (1) salary track above their existing classification. Step limitations as described in Policy #E512.2 shall apply.
  6. If a librarian generalist recognized through this program is promoted to a non-generalist position, the dual track promotion would not be recognized for the new position unless the additional education is directly related to the promotional position.
  7. Current employees who have already received a promotion through the dual track plan and are on the second track for their position cannot receive an additional track promotion unless they are promoted to a different position.
  8. The number of employees recognized each year shall be limited by the funds available in the budget.

New Hires

Upon employment, newly hired professional employees may be recognized for a completed educational program above the requirement for the position if the education directly relates to the position for which they were hired, and if it meets 2 and 3 in the Criteria section above.

(Revised 3/13/06)