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E075 -


Dual Track - Promotion Plan

The St. Charles City-County Library District shall offer a promotion plan to raise salaries of professional level employees to the next higher track.


It is the intent of the Dual Track - Promotion Plan to reward outstanding employees who decide to complete extensive personal and professional development. Development may include, but shall not be limited to: masters in public administration, business, human resources, or computer science; or a sequence of courses specifically designed to improve the employee's level of expertise within his/her job classification.


Application to the Dual Track - Promotion Plan will be reviewed by an admission committee consisting of the Director, Assistant Director, Human Resources Manager, and two peer evaluators appointed by the Director. It is the responsibility of the admission committee to insure the following requirements are satisfied before admission is granted:

  1. Completion of one (1) year of employment with the District prior to admission to the Dual Track - Promotion Plan.
  2. Outstanding job performance clearly in excess of the required level for the position.
  3. Acceptable educational levels required for the position; accredited MLS for librarians or BA\BS for other professional employees.
  4. Clearly defined development plan that explains the potential growth of the employee in his/her classification and the value to the District. It is the responsibility of the employee to research degree programs or course sequences and make recommendations based on their research.

In the case of multiple applicants, the admission committee will select the best qualified candidate(s) based on development plans proposed, value to the District, and seniority of applicants. Promotion will only be granted when all criteria have been satisfied.

Implementation of Plan

Due to the impact of promotions on the budget, the following guidelines have been established:

  1. Appointments to the Plan shall be limited to professional series classifications, beginning with salary Track F.
  2. Requests for admission to the Plan shall be submitted to the Human Resources Manager by March 15 of the year of the anticipated promotion.
  3. Admission to the Plan shall be effective July 1. Promotions will also be effective July 1 and will be granted to employees who have completed one (1) year of employment by July 1. The Director may approve admission to the Dual Track and promotions with alternate effective dates with the understanding that the employee must have completed one year of employment prior to the effective date and make application for the Dual Track prior to March 15th
  4. Employees who are accepted into the Plan will be promoted one (1) salary track above their existing classification. Step limitations as described in policy #E512.2 Salary Schedule – Track Promotion shall apply and salary anniversary date will be adjusted according to #E512.1 Salary Schedule – Step Increases.
  5. Annual evaluations, plus goal setting, conducted by the immediate supervisor will measure performance and establish the basis for continued participation in the Plan. If participation is discontinued, either by employee choice or as a result of the employee's failure to meet expectations, the employee will be returned to the salary and the classification held prior to admission in the Dual Track - Promotion Plan.
  6. If goals for professional development include obtaining a masters degree (as outlined under the criteria section) then promotion to the higher salary track will be conditional on the incumbent's continual development; incumbents should take a minimum of two (2) classes per year. Exceptions may be approved by the Director.
  7. If an incumbent assumes a new position while participating in the Dual Track - Promotion Plan, a review of his/her development plan and its relevancy to the new position, must be conducted by the admission committee and the immediate supervisor. In some cases, a modified development plan and goals may be required for promotion to a higher level.
  8. The number of incumbents selected each year shall be limited by the funds available in the budget.

(Revision Approved 2/9/09)