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   Reports to: Library District Board of Trustees

Salary Track:M-N

FLSA Status:  Exempt



The Director shall be the chief executive officer of the Library District and, therefore, responsible for the execution of orders and policies adopted and promulgated by the Board of Trustees and those prescribed by Missouri State Statute regarding this position. The Director shall have complete authority to hire employees for all positions authorized by the Board and shall be responsible for carrying out all policies of the Board. The Director shall also perform other duties as the Board, by resolution, may direct from time to time. The responsibilities of the Director also include helping to develop short-term and long-range plans relative to all areas of the system. The Director shall provide expertise and direction in all areas, especially those including: finances, expansion, staff development, professional services, and public relations. The primary responsibility of the Director is to develop all aspects of the St. Charles City-County Library District to best meet the needs of the community.

As chief executive office of the Library District, the Director generally receives assignments in terms of broad objectives and limits from the Board of Trustees.


1.  Executing orders and policies issued by the Board of Trustees and those required by federal, state and local governments.

2.  Interacting and relating information to the Board and relating information from the Board to staff;

3.  Providing expertise and direction in all areas of the Library District, especially those including: finances, information systems, expansion, staff development, professional services, and public relations.

4.  Responsible for all hiring of employees and the organization of personnel within the system; input into the development of employee benefit programs and salaries; approval of dual-track promotion plans for submission to the Board. 

5.  Budget planning for all areas of the Library District and approval for submission to the Board; reviewing major equipment requests as needed;

6.   Developing short-term and long-range plans relative to all areas of the system including broad-based programs;

7.  Delegating responsibility to other administrative staff;

8.  Maintaining contact with area government, special and school districts;

9.  Developing more efficient and/or appropriate technical operation, as needed;

10.  Constantly reviewing total library services in relation to community needs;

11.  Reviewing and approving various workshops and programs sponsored by the Library District.

12.  Keeping informed of developments within the library sphere;


1.  Membership and participation in professional and community organizations;

2.  Serving on and chairing non-Board library communities;

3.  Other duties deemed necessary by the Board, State Statute, or by the nature of the position.


Master Degree in Library Science from an institution accredited by the American Library Association and 5 years experience in a highly responsible administrative position in either a library or related field. Candidates possessing a second related masters degree or a 6thyear library degree in areas relating to administration may be appointed at the higher of the two approved tracks.


The incumbent for the Director position on the lower track is eligible for promotion based on Section #E032.1 of the Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual. All reclassifications are subject to Board approval.

(Revised 6/14/2010)