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Development Specialist

Development Specialist


Department / Branch: Administrative

Reports to: Planning & Development Coordinator

Salary Track: F-G

FLSA Status:  Exempt


Responsible for coordinating District wide development and managing fundraising programs to secure grants and philanthropic giving. Acts as co-liaison to the Library Foundation, and establishes, maintains and promotes interaction with regional philanthropists, community boards, media, and other potential donors and sources of support. Develops contacts and relationships with officials, volunteers, and staff of philanthropic groups, governmental agencies, and corporate giving entities, and cultivates individual donors toward short-term and sustaining fundraising activities. Works cooperatively, as needed, with staff and community representatives to achieve goals. Supervision received is administrative, with assignments given in terms of broad general objectives and limits.


  1. Identify potential sources of philanthropic giving and solicit donations.
  2. Solicit annual giving from private donors, trusts, and corporate foundations.
  3. Identify and secure grants and gifts from corporate foundations, charitable trusts, and governmental agencies; develop grant proposals cooperatively with library staff and volunteers.
  4. Make in person and written solicitations, develop copy to support, illuminate and promote such solicitations, and coordinate production of fundraising literature in cooperation with appropriate District departments and specialists.
  5. Maintain donor data base and send acknowledgement to Library and Library Foundation donors.
  6. Identify and secure sponsors for special events, adult programming, and community relations activities. These sponsorships may be in support of spot needs or of sustaining programs or activities.
  7. Maintain a working knowledge of laws and practices applicable to philanthropic giving, charitable solicitations, fundraising, bequests, endowments, and tax regulation regarding charitable contributions and giving.
  8. Maintain privacy and confidentiality of donor records, conversations with donors or prospective donors, and of any financial information disclosed or imparted in relation to areas of work.
  9. Participate in library in-service training, general orientations, and staff development sessions as requested. May attend external training events, community programs, and professional or association meetings as permitted by time and budget.
  10. Support, promote and implement Library District policies and procedures, and Mission.
  11. Maintain positive relations with colleagues, staff, public, support groups, donors, and volunteers.
  12. Prepares detailed and summary reports to the library board, foundation board, and management staff. Reports revenue from all sources and expenditures incurred for entry into the Foundation’s general journal.
  13. Communicates clearly and concisely in both written and oral format.


  1. May serve on committees or teams within or outside the District in the area of expertise and responsibilities.
  2. Perform other related duties as assigned.


Personal computer, printer, copier, calculator, cash management system, fax, automated phone system and other computer or business equipment.


Must be able to work independently, have excellent verbal and written communication skills, and have knowledge of library operations.

Must have BA/BS degree in a related field.

Prefer 1 year charitable or nonprofit fundraising experience in a professional or volunteer capacity.

(Approved 12/11/06)