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Delivery/Maintenance Worker

Delivery/Maintenance Worker


Reports to: Coordinator of Finance and Support Services

Salary Track: B

FLSA Status:  Non-Exempt



Performs delivery service for all library materials and mail within the District and to agencies outside the District. Assists with repairs and light maintenance in library branches and the administrative offices. Receives general directions, acting independently to perform delivery duties and routine repairs.


  1. Daily delivers library materials and mail to all branches and the administrative offices.
  2. On a regular basis, delivers materials to agencies in St. Charles County and St. Louis County.
  3. Picks up and delivers books to the storage area for the Friends of the Library.
  4. Responsible for general maintenance of the library vehicle and for keeping accurate maintenance records.
  5. Communicates with other drivers any changes in the vehicle or schedule that may effect the deliveries.
  6. Performs routine maintenance projects at the request of the branch or department managers.

Projects may include changing light fixtures and furnace filters, hanging bulletin boards, pictures, signs, repairing damaged walls or interior painting.


  1. Assists supervisor in collecting estimates for major repairs.
  2. Picks up and purchases parts or supplies for projects within the District.
  3. Assembles items as needed, including shelving, book racks, desks, etc.
  4. May assist with other projects as needed.


Must be able to drive a delivery van, work with a two-wheeled dolly, ladder, power tools, and hand tools for routine repairs.


Must have an excellent driving record, have a current Missouri driver's license, and be bondable.  Must have "handy person" skills and be able to lift and carry heavy boxes of materials up to 50 pounds. High school diploma or GED required as well as one year of related work experience.

(Revision approved 10/14/96)