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Description: The library will collect supplementary materials, such as pamphlets, clippings, pictures, and maps, which, because of their format and often ephemeral nature, are filed in drawers for easy reference. These items shall be organized in folders labeled with Library of Congress subject headings, and known as pamphlet/vertical files. An index to the subject headings used will be provided by each branch for public use. "See" and "See Also" references to popular or alternate headings will be given as well.

Unless marked "For reference use only", all general pamphlet file materials may be checked out.

The type of materials selected for these files will have some of the following characteristics:

  1. Be free or inexpensive
  2. Be able to fit in a file folder
  3. Offer unique information
  4. Focus on a small segment of knowledge or information
  5. Provide current information
  6. Have a short "shelf life"
  7. Contain timely information on current and/or popular issues or events
  8. Have topics of local interest not available in any other format

Influencing Factors: Library users demand easy access to very current information in a format which can be checked out. Demand for some print material can be met satisfactorily with inexpensive or free pamphlets and informational brochures. A great deal of very good information can be made available through this method if it is consistently monitored and updated.

Retention: Materials of this type disappear or fall apart easily, so replacement and updating is an ongoing process. Currency, accuracy, relevancy, demand, and condition of the items will determine if the material remains in the collection. Vertical file materials will not be held for more than five years; exceptions are occasionally made for items of historical interest.

Current selection: Each branch will assign one or more persons from the reference staff to maintain the vertical file. Selectors of materials will consider sources for material that can include, but are not limited to: magazines and newspapers, organizations, special interest groups, commercial companies, and government agencies. Selectors of materials for the pamphlet file will consider the characteristics listed under the description above, as well as relevancy, demand, and space.

Retrospective collection: The entire group of files will be reviewed at least once a year to weed out inaccurate and dated items and materials in bad condition.

Local History Vertical File Collection: The local history department at Kathryn Linnemann Branch will also maintain a vertical file. The subjects will be limited to those concerning Missouri, St Louis City and County, and St Charles City and County. Most of this collection will be kept indefinitely, for historical research, and will be for use in the building only, except for designated duplicates marked "Circulating Copy."