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Description: Due to its nature, imaginative literature offers an almost limitless variety of styles, subjects, types, and levels of writing. Each fiction collection in the district will provide as wide a selection as possible.

Influencing factors: The fiction collection will reflect local reading interest and the specific enrichment needs of each location’s patrons, once a core collection of established authors has been purchased.

The core collection will include:

  1. English language fiction with an emphasis on 20th century works
  2. English language classics, as determined by standard reading lists
  3. bestsellers from such sources as the New York Times and Publishers’ Weekly
  4. local authors
  5. award-winning novels
  6. genre fiction: including, mysteries, westerns, romances, science fiction, fantasies, suspense, and other thrillers
  7. contemporary and classic foreign language titles in English translation

Retention: Retention will be based upon the general weeding policy and upon specific bibliographies: including, Fiction Catalog, Short Story Index, and others available. When space allows the quality of the work and its enduring literary merit will take precedence over popularity.

Current selection: Emphasis is placed on currently popular authors of both general and genre works. Multiple copies will be purchased in a quantity to meet demand. Ephemeral literature will be provided in an unprocessed paperback collection in each branch, divided by genre for patron convenience. Fiction purchases will use the same criteria and sources listed for the general collection. Selectors of adult fiction need to be aware of reading trends, media promotion, author tours, awards, movies made from books and bestseller lists.

Retrospective selection: Regional libraries will concentrate on developing a broad selection of fiction titles to enrich their core collections, including replacement of worn or missing titles. A large variety of traditional, current, and classical titles will be available as demand dictates. Titles which are part of a popular series will be purchased and retained when possible.

Special note: Multiple copies of works to satisfy student assignments will not be provided.