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Coordinator - Information Technology

Coordinator - Information Technology


Department: Information Technology (IT)

Reports to: Library Director

Salary Track: J-K

FLSA Status:  Exempt



System-wide responsibility for the Information Technology area and coordinate the overall direction of the District's computer and electronic technology. Serve as the liaison between IT and all personnel in the development of library software and procedures necessary to the operation of the software. Other responsibilities may include, but not be limited to: IT budget development, monitoring system-wide computer related equipment, and managing daily activities of the IT personnel. Assignments are given in broad terms of general objectives and limits with administrative supervision only.


  1. Software development: System-wide design, planning, scheduling, and coordination of activites required for implementation and support of all software developed by IT.
  2. Hardware: Determine the needs of the libraries and departments and make recommendations for computer equipment purchases needed for LISTEN system and local area networks.
  3. Coordinate and supervise hardware installations.
  4. LISTEN contracts with other library systems: Coordinate the software and hardware development for the library systems under contract and manage support services as outlined in the contracts.
  5. Budget development: Prepare annual budget for IT department; determine the needs related to personnel, equipment, and supplies.
  6. Prepare annnual budget for system-wide computer related equipment handling all bids, purchases and negotiations.
  7. Employee development: Interview, hire, and train employees for IT.
  8. Review employee performance and approve salary increases. Interpret policy and procedures and address disciplinary issues.
  9. Communication systems: Plan, develop, implement and manage District communication equipment and procedures for wide local area networks (LAN), wide area networks (WAN) and Westplex Information System (WIN).
  10. Responsible for system wide telephone systems and lines, including voice and modem lines, and network cabling.


  1. Create user manuals for IT procedures and use of equipment.
  2. Conduct training sessions for library staff.
  3. Monitor expenditures made from Capital Projects Fund for computer equipment.
  4. May serve on committees within the District or outside the District, such as the Westplex Information System (WIN) Board.


Must have knowledge of the functions of public libraries; excellent communication and organizational skills; be an advanced PC user and have expertise in PC software and its applications. Requires BS/BA degree in a related field and 3 years of related experience, preferably in management.

Incumbent may be promoted by approval of a professional development plan according to the Dual Track Promotion Plan, Policy #E084.

(Revised 5/10/99)