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Coordinator of Human Resources

Coordinator of Human Resources


Salary Track: I - J


FLSA Status: Exempt

Reports to: Director 


System-wide management responsibilities for Human Resources area. Responsibilities may include, but shall not be limited to policy development, employee development, personnel budget development, benefit administration, recruitment and administrative record keeping. Works cooperatively with management and staff to achieve goals.  Position performs professional duties requiring the exercise of professional skill, initiative and independent judgment. Assignments are given in broad terms of general objectives and performed with administrative supervision only. 


Policy Development:

  1. Researches and composes policies which comply with federal and state employment laws.
  2. Prepares formal presentation of policies to management staff and Board of Trustees.
  3. Develops and updates internal employment materials such as handbook, benefit summaries, and application.

Employee Development:

  1. Assists management in areas of recruitment for all positions including developing position postings and advertisements, screening applications, and interviewing applicants, as needed.
  2. Develops and presents Library District general orientation for new employees.
  3. Works with the Volunteer Resources and Staff Training Specialist and other District staff to present or coordinate necessary employee training programs.
  4. Administers performance appraisal system, salary administration, and disciplinary procedures.
  5. Counsels and advises employees relative to promotions, transfers, retirement, social security, insurance and other employment related matters.

Budget Development:

  1. Prepare annual personnel budget for all employee costs and presents it to the Board of Trustees during the budgeting cycle.
  2. Reviews staffing requests, calculate salaries, taxes, and benefit costs for all employee positions.
  3. Audit budget expenditures and monitors position changes during the year.
  4. Supervises personnel transactions insuring necessary forms are completed for changes and investigating position and employee status, as needed.

Benefit Administration:

  1. Administers Library District benefit programs including health, dental, disability, life, retirement, and unemployment.
  2. Manages District Workers Compensation reporting including receiving initial injury notices from employees/supervisors, completing the state reporting form, and following up with Division of Workers Compensation as well as the District's insurance carrier and broker.
  3. Reviews staffing requests, calculating salaries, taxes, and benefit costs for all employee positions.
  4. Audits monthly benefit statements and approve expenditures.
  5. Evaluates bids and recommends improvements to benefit programs.
  6. Informs employees of plan changes and explains plan provisions assisting with unusual problems as needed.
  7. Works cooperatively with the Coordinator of Finance and Support Services in tracking leave and holiday anniversaries and usage.

Administrative Responsibilities:

  1. Manages and maintains personnel files and department records.
  2. Responds to external requests for employee information as appropriate.
  3. Supervises Human Resources Administrative Assistant and shares supervision of the Volunteer Resources and Staff Training Specialist with the Coordinator of Planning and Development.
  4. Coordinate District events such as General Orientations, Lunch with the Director, and the annual staff event.
  5. Chairs related teams and committees such at Training and Staffing Team, Future Classification Team, etc.


  1. May serve on committees within the District or outside the District in the area of expertise.
  2. May represent the District in County, State or Public Library organizations.
  3. Create procedures manuals on related areas.
  4. May prepare special reports as needed for District planning or as requested by the Board of Trustees.


Must have knowledge of the function and purpose of a public library, have excellent verbal and written communication and interpersonal skills, be an experienced with database management, spreadsheet applications and HR software.  Must have knowledge of local, state and federal employment laws and regulations.  Baccalaureate Degree in related field and three (3) years Human Resources experience required. Masters Degree in related field preferred.

Under exceptional circumstances, related experience commensurate with the duties and tasks necessary to successfully perform the job may be substituted for education.


Incumbent may be promoted by approval of a professional development plan according to the Dual Track Promotion Plan, Policy E084. 

(Revision Approved 1/12/09)