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Coordinator of Finance and Support Services

Coordinator of Finance and Support Services


Reports to: Director

Salary Track: J-K

FLSA Status:  Exempt



System-wide management responsibility for the Finance and Support Services area. Responsibilities may include, but shall not be limited to, finances, accounting, budgeting, payroll, facilities management and maintenance. System-wide responsibilities for the intra-library delivery systems of materials and supplies. Supervision received is administrative, with assignments given in terms of broad general objectives and limits.


  1. Budget
    1. Prepare annual District budget in conjunction with all branches, departments and administrative staff.
    2. Oversee expenditures to insure they are within the budget, cost effective and necessary to the District and authorize purchases, when necessary.
    3. Monitor all non-material purchases authorizing when necessary and charging them to the appropriate budget area.
  2. Payroll
    1. Manage all payroll functions and distributions of the payroll system.
    2. Compile and submit all necessary payroll reports required by State and Federal authorities.
    3. Maintain all District payroll and related records and documents.
  3. Investments
    1. Research and invest the District assets in secure funds establishing necessary cash flow.
    2. Maintain an assets list and manage the disposal of surplus District assets.
  4. Accounting
    1. Maintain an accounting system for the District that provides security through checks and balances.
    2. Direct District's overall procedures on cash receipts, collections, and facility maintenance.
    3. Supervises the accounts payable and the accounts receivable functions to insure timely deposits, recording of receipts and payment of bills.
    4. Provide monthly management reports for the District and present reports to the Board of Trustees.
    5. Monitor and provide internal audit controls as needed.
    6. Arrange regular audits and assist auditors in the performance of their services to the Library District.
  5. Support Services
    1. Monitors all bids and contracts with vendors for all support services for the District including those coordinated through the Purchasing Specialist, but not limited to, HVAC systems, cleaning, maintenance, equipment, construction, supplies etc.
    2. Manage and direct system-wide an intra-department/branch delivery system and system-wide maintenance.
  6. Supervision
    1. Generally responsible for the Administration building and for the reception area.
    2. Supervise personnel in the accounts payable and receivable, payroll, collections, reception and delivery/maintenance areas.
  7. Other
    1. Administer employee benefit plans and the LAGERS Retirement plan.
    2. Coordinate with Human Resources all personnel, benefits, and payroll matters.
    3. Serve as the Library District's official record keeper for the Board of Trustees.


  1. May serve on committees within the District or outside the District in the area of expertise.
  2. Review cost justification on requested services, equipment, or machinery.
  3. Create procedures manuals on related areas.
  4. May prepare special reports as needed for District planning or as requested by the Board of Trustees.


Must have excellent communication and organizational skills, BA or BS in a related field, and 5 years of relevant administrative experience. Masters degree in a related field is preferred. (Under exceptional circumstances, related experience commensurate with the duties and tasks of the job may be substituted for the degree requirement.)

(Revisions approved 6/9/97)