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Collection Development Manager

Collection Development Manager


(Librarian 2-3)

Department/ Branch: Administrative Offices

Reports to: Deputy Director

Salary Track: H - I

FLSA Status:  Exempt



Coordinates District-wide adult collection development functions including material selection and budgeting. Reviews on an on-going basis the collections in each branch library selecting materials to provide a balanced collection and directing systematic weeding of collections. Responsible for coordinating, compiling and reviewing orders for all branches. Works cooperatively with Technical Operations in the area of collection development. Coordinates materials donations. Develops collections for new branches, as needed.

Performs professional duties requiring the exercise of professional skill, initiative and independent judgement. Assignments are given in broad terms of general objectives and performed with administrative direction only. Works in the general reference area of a branch library responding to initial inquiries in person and by telephone.


  1. Coordinates collection development activities with Deputy Director, Technical Operations and Branch staff.
  2. Reviews collection at each branch and makes recommendations for purchases and weeding.
  3. On a regular basis, coordinates and compiles orders for all branches.
  4. Compiles and reviews rush orders for all branches, as needed.
  5. Organizes systematic weeding projects for the District.
  6. Coordinates gift materials and recommends inclusion in individual branch collections.
  7. Coordinates the development of a balanced collection for the District.
  8. Coordinate the establishment of standards for basic collections for Regional, General Purpose and Mini-Branches.
  9. Assists with the annual materials budget preparation and implementation throughout the year.
  10. Communicates effectively with all Branches and Departments and attends Administrative and Board meetings, as needed.
  11. Works at the Reference desk of a branch library, as scheduling requires.
  12. Keeps abreast of current trends and developments.


  1. Chairs or serves on committees and task forces within the District.
  2. Attends local, state or national professional organization conferences.


Telephone, personal computer, fax, copier, and library automation system.


Must have knowledge of the functions of public libraries; have excellent communication and organizational skills; and have general computer literacy. Must have an accredited Masters in Library Science degree and at least 1 year experience in related areas, preferably in collection development.

Incumbent may be promoted by approval of a professional development plan according to the Dual Track Promotion Plan, Policy E084.

Approved (5/8/2000)