Mudville is about a twelve year old boy named Roy Mcquire.  In the city of Moundville it has rained for 22 years in a row.  His father may not be the best cook but is a good man.  Mudville is a very exciting book with many ups and downs. 

The Million Dollar Kick

Two girls go to a donut shop and enter a contest and win the contest.  And they have to be 12-16 to shoot so the older one gets a coach.  That is the goalie the orgininal goalie gets hurt.  So the girls coach is the goalie and she scores.  And gives it to the coaches coach to keep the field grass.

Game Changers

I think that this book displays the ups and downs of friendships.  Ben McBain has always wanted to be a Quarterback for the Rockwell Rams Football Team.  This year could be his chance.  I think that this is a great chance for Ben to do what he has always wanted to do. 

The Batboy

Smack! the ball goes up left-center, home run!  The Detroit Tiger's all-star baseball player, Hank Bishop hits another career home run, and 14 year old Brian Dudley watches his first home run.  During the summer Brian gets his dream job as a batboy for the Detroit tigers at the same time, Brians hero, Hank Bishop comes back after being accused of using drugs, but somethings different about him.  Brian tries to win his trust, but the question is, can he?

Million Dollar Throw

Million Dollar Throw was a good book.  I enjoyed reading the book.  I would recommedn the book.  The main character is Nate Brodie and he is an eightth grade quarterback for the valley Patriots.  Nate goes to a sport stuff store to buy a football signed by his favorite NFL player Tom Brady then he sees a contest to go on the New England Patriots' field on Thanksgiving night to throw a football 30 yards for one million dollars.

Six Innings

Six Innings is about a little league championship game and the teams are Visitors Earl Grubbs pool supplies VS.


Kirby Nickel finds a yearbook with NBA star Brett McGrew with his mom in a prom picture.  he joins a basketball team with some guys that don't even know how to dribble a basketball.  If he and his team pull off a win against Whipple another middle school team.  If they win they get to meet Brett McGrew and Kirby can figure out if that is his true father.  Near the end he wins the game.  His team will get to meet Brett.

Food, Girls, and Other Things I Cannot Have

This book was fun easy read and had a good story line.  Andrew Zancky was a fat noboy in middle school.  But in highschool his popularity shot up when he meets O the varcity football quarterback.  his life gets so easy he gets the girl and he becomes a very well liked person by everybody.  I would recommend this book, because it is a very surprising what will happen next type of book.  That is why I like this book.


I would recommend this book.  I enjoyed readnig it.  The book was about a boy named Roy who starts tis baseball team with a bunch a kids around the neighborhood.

The Big Field

This book is about a boy named Keith but his friends call him Hutch.  Hutch loves baseball and his dad used to play minor league baseball.  Hutch plays for the Cardinals and there goal is the make it to the legioin ball finals.  Will they make it?