Aria and it's predecessor Aqua are set in Neo-Venezia on the planet Aqua, which was once Mars. Neo-Venezia is a replica of the city Venice.

This is the story of three girls trials and growth while aiming to become gondoliers, or as the are called in Neo-Venezia "Prima".

5 Centimeters Per Second

5 Centimeters Per Second was actually first released as a Japanese animated feature film, with the manga novel being released at a later date. There is no science fiction or fantasy element in this novel, instead it gives a realistic view of the struggles many face in their life: time, space, people, and love. The two main characters become close friends in elementary school and then have to move away from each other. They remain close at first, even making a trip to visit each other in middle school, but soon realize that they have begun to drift their separate ways.

Babymouse Burns Rubber

I love this book cuz it shows friendship, relleabillaty, and much much more. It shows how Babymouse lerns true friendship! I hope alot of people lern from it. This shows that friendship is more important thing in the world. All of the Babymouse Books are as good as this one it was hard to pick a favorite but, I narrowed it down to the one I injoyed the most. I most injoyed this one because its a heart warming story!


You should read this book if you like anime about abnormal things that happen to people. The main girl is translucent (she is see-through). One of my favorite parts was when the main girl was sad and then one of her friends cheerd her up by playing a game. This book is serious, but it's also funny and it makes me smile.

Case Closed, volume 33

Conan Edogawa a.k.a. Jimmy Kudo is a high school detective that turns inot a 1st grader after he's forcefed a pill.  Now he lives w/ a friend of his but she doesn't know he's really Jimmy and her detective dad always gets help from Jimmy but he doesn't know it.  In this volume Rachel & Serena go to a special resort to make Valentine's Day chocolates but get caught in a murder case but that is just the beginning of this book.  I strongly recommend this book.

Pokemon Adventures, vol 14

Pokemon Adventures volume 14 is a great book.  It has many surprises, details, action, comedy, and so much more.  I was very shocked and curious during the book.  I was a little sad when I found out it was the last book.  The end of Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Silver, Gold, and Crystal.  (At the end of the book I was curious Who did Professor Oak give the pokedex to?)

Ocarina of Time, part one

Link ia a boy who lives in the the Kokiri forest.  Everybody has a fairy there except link.  He feels different from all the rest.  But one night, a Evil thing had come, but was defeated.  After that, link is sent on a quest to save all of hyrule from the master of evil.  I like this book because it has a lot of action.

The Biggest, Bestest Time Ever!

I picked this book because I love comic books.  Mal is the kid who loves to make stuff.  Chad is the dog that can talk.  I gave this book five stars because this book is interesting and made me laughted that's why. 

Gosick, vol 1

Join Kazuya Kujo, a Japanese transfer student; and Victorique de Blois, a beautiful, yet mysterious young girl who spends her life in the library, as they solve the mystery of the ghost ship "Queen Berry".

The year is 1924, and Kazuya and Victorique find themselves in a race against time as they solve the mystery of the murders on the "Queen Berry" before the ship takes them and many others to the bottom of the sea. 

Fans of Sherlock Holmes will enjoy this fast paced mystery-horror novel.

Sonic Genesis, Part One

Sonic has forgotten what happened to him and he finds 3 friends Sally, bummer, and Antoine, and there on a mission to defeat Dr. Egg man and can Sonic, Sally, Bommer, and antoine defeat Dr. Egg man well you haf to find out your self.