Thou Shall Not Road Trip

I love this author, but the book took a little while for me to get into it and really like the characters.  Luke has just published a best selling book of teen parables.  Now, it's summer and he's going on a road trip/author tour along Route 66 with his brother.  What he doesn't know is that his brother is also bringing his girlfriend and Luke's ex-best friend, Fran.  I really enjoy the humor of this book.  Luke is a very honest character when he reacts to certain situations.  This book is a lighter read and will make you want to see some o

Blank Confession

Shayne Blank walks into a police station and confesses to murder. Just who is Shayne Blank? He's the new kid at school. Quiet. Unassuming. But still, he seems to invite trouble which escalates when he stands up to those bullying his new friend Mikey. Is he a murderer? Or is there more here than meets the eye?

The Running Dream

Jessica lives to run. But when a tragic car crash takes her leg, Jessica is sure her life is over. As she struggles with learning to walk with a prosthetic leg, Jessica meets Rosa. Rosa has cerebral palsy and it is difficult to understand her speech. But she is a math whiz...just what Jessica needs to help her get through Algebra. As she and Rosa become friends, Jessica learns that there are many kinds of disabilities and that, just maybe, she can run again.


This book is awesome! When I was a teen, it was one of my favorites. I would suggest this book to anyone! Although it is a young adult book, I think that adults would enjoy this book as well.

The Testing

In another dystopian American future, Cia Vale lives in a society that selects certain students from different districts to participate in ""The Testing"" - a gruesome and deadly set of trials that decides what 20 teenagers across the country can attend university.  Cia's father survived The Testing when he was a teenager and has been haunted by vague but horrifying nightmares ever since and he sends her off with one warning: Trust no one.

Pretty Face

Hayley is a teenager living in Santa Monica, California. She's close to the beach, has excellent weather, and has a good best friend; what could be wrong? Well, Hayley happens to be fat in body image- obsessed, Southern Californian girls who have plastic surgeons numbers in their back pocket. So you can bet that the only complements Hayley hears is that she's smart, funny, and (the dreaded) has a pretty face.

One Night That Changes Everything

Eliza has a secret. Well multiple actually and she keeps them all inside her purple journal. Which her ex-boyfriend (Cooper) and his friends have taken. Revenge is on their mind as they force Eliza to do multiple tasks in her journal in order to avoid getting it posted on the internet. The journal contains her deepest fears. Fears that she would only think about but never do them. So in the end will she able to steal her journal back? Or will she do everything in her journal in vain and never get it back? Read it and find out! The book takes place in the span of one night hence the title.

Amy & Roger's Epic Detour

At the beginning of Morgan Matson’s epic debut, we find Amy Curry feeling isolated, guilty, and depressed. Her mother has left California to start a new life in Connecticut, and her brother has been sent to a rehab center in North Carolina. Oh, and she blames herself for her dad’s recent death. Having been the driver that fateful day, Amy no longer gets behind the wheel. The problem is that she must drive to Connecticut to start the new life her mom has already begun. This is where Matson’s second title-character enters.

The Juvie Three

The three boys have all done a crime. They're taken out of detention centers and are put into a halfway house. A guy named Douglas Healy supervises them until oneday he gets knocked unconsious while trying to stop a fight. The boys have many struggles between going to school, community services, and other things. It's a great book!

If the Witness Lied

If the Witness Lied is an action packed book filled with suspense, surprise, and myster. The story follows Jack, Maddy, and Smith, three siblings who try to protect their younger brother, Tris, from their aunt. Together, they attempt to fill in the holes surrounding the siblings father's death. At times it gets confusing but if you like mystery and books about family loyalty, then you should read If the Witness Lied.