Faking Faith

"After her big sexting incident, Dylan Mahoney has become public grounds for teasing in her suburban Chicago high school and has never felt more alone; it doesn’t help that her two best friends have abandoned her, too. Now utterly embarrassed and alone, Dylan discovers the blog world of “homeschooled fundamentalist Christian girls,” is instantly intrigued by their ever so structured world and decides to make a blog, herself, under the guise of Faith.


Redemption is a book about a betrayal, Kari Jacobs is hurt because her husband Tim is having an affair. Kari returns home to sort things out but she comes home and Ryan her friend growing up is there and she knows she should stay away from him. What will ease the pain? Can she go back and get counseling with her husband or will she run to Ryan for help? Find out in Redemption!


Courageous is about four police officers having their faith tested with family troubles.  They have to get through ups and downs with their families and jobs.  Will they be able to get through these?  Or will someone not stand the heat?  Find out in this inspiring book "Courageous".

Lost in Las Vegas

Lost In Las Vegas is a well written story.  It keeps you interested through every one of DJ's problems, while intertwining the right amount of faith.

The Door Within

The Door Within, the first in a trilogy, is about a teenage boy who is called to an alternate realm to help fight against the evil that threatens to take over.  It is very easy to get drawn inot the story, which is full of hope (and humor) despite the darkness.   I highly recommend this book, especially if you like stories like The Chronicles of Narnia, The Lord of the Rings, and The Hobbit.

Still Waters

Shirlee is an amazing author!  Tiffany, the main character, had a great personality.  I loved how she reached out to others.  Throughout the book I felt sorry for Tiffany and happy for her.  Jake, the sheriff, was the kind of guy where you never know what he's about to do.  The mix of romance and suspense was absolutely amazing!  I am definatley impressed with Shirlee McCoy's first novel. 


In the book Rebecca by Mary Christner Borntrager, Rebecca has to make a hard decision because she is Amish.  While working on a farm Rebecca is put through some harsh conditions, such as a fire and a young child's sudden death.  But Rebecca's worst problem is that she falls in love with a young man who isn't Amish.  Rebecca has to find a way to get through her problems in this book.  Will Rebecca choose to marry an Amish man like her family wants her to?  Or will she follow her heart and marry her true love?   Find out in Rebecca&

Breaking Free

A woman in prison, buried underneath guilt and fear.  A man who has everything, enveloped in pain and longing.  Both have a past filled with regret, a past they want to break free from.

A Time to Cherish

Christy Miller, Todd Spencer, Katie Weldon, and Doug are going to Lake Shasta on a houseboat with Christy's Uncle Bob & Aunt Marti for Labor Day weekend!  Christy & Todd finally establish their relationship, and Katie is left more jealous than ever.  Soon Michael steps into Katie's life, and she is forever changed.  Christy may not always agree with Katie's decisions, but one is learning what being a true friend means.  This is definately a time to cherish.  I would recommend this book because it shows us how God is there for us, through the ups

Hope Springs Eternal

The little orphan girl, Nessa, has had a long hard journey over the years.  Running away from her orphanage in Independence, Missouri and ending up in Prarie River Kansas.  Nessa meets friends and people who sceptacle about this run-away.  Leaving everything behind her, Nessa's life turns upside down as she over comes her problems and fears.  After her fifteenth birthday something she has wished for ever since she left Missouri comes true.  With a very unexpected turn of events!  This is the fourth book in a series, I would absolutely recommend this book, b