Beautiful Creatures

Beautiful Creatures is a very good book. It is the kind of book where you're anxious for the end, but enjoy the whole thing. Lena is new in town and is staying with her Uncle Macon, the town shut-in. Lena and her boyfriend, Ethan, have been sharing the same dream before they even met for months. They also can talk to each other, in their minds. Ethan soon finds out that Lena is a Caster, technically another word for witch, wizard, sorcerer, sorceress. On Lena's 16th birthday, she will find out if she's Dark or Light, bad or good.


I loved this book. Its author is Hannah and she talks about her struggles as a teenager in high schoo. From overdosing to fights to drinking and drugs. In the end she finally got her life together but man it was a very long journey.

Five Pages a Day: A Writer's Journey

This was amazing!!! I really was feeling her feelings.  When she had polio. When her cat died, I felt all of it.  Some parts I was crying, some I was laughing.  It was just amazing!  I hope to read all of Mrs. Kehret's books she is an awesome author.

Soul Surfer

This book is about Bethany Hamilton, and told by Bethany Hamilton.  She tells about her and her family before and after a Shark attack that took almost all of her left arm.  This book is very inspiring.  Even with only one arm she tries to surf again.  Everyone should read this book and learn how to achieve dreams just like Bethany Hamilton did.  She is still surfing to this day.

Diary of a Young Girl

I have recently read "The Diary of Anne Frank".  I felt that the book was very depressing!  I was sad after reading this book, but felt that the book portrayed life as a Jew very well under Hitler's rule.  It was sad that everyone but Mr. Otto Frank had died.

Winning Balance

Winning Balance is non-fiction and it is about an olympic gold medalist's life.  For those of you who don't know Shawn Johnson, she is a professional gymnast who has been through a lot in only a few years.  This book is good for any teenager or older.  It helps show you what is truly important in life and it tells you about someone's life who is completely different than 99% of the world's.  I truly recommend this book for anyone who is looking for a good read.

Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl

I loved this book because the author writes about a Jewish girl while the Nazis are trying to take over.  Even though it involves tragedy, it talks about escaping into the "secret Annexe" (which is thought to be a bookshelf, but insdie is a staircase to the attic.)  This book is amazing and a truly remarkable book.

Indian Captive

Indian Captive is the true story of Mary Jemisen's childhood with the Seneca Indians.  I highly recommend to anyone aged 11-15.  On a spring day in 1758, in modern day New York, young Mary Jemison and her family are captureed by Native Americans.  Mary is separated from her family and adopted into the Seneca tribe with the new name Corn Tussel.  She faces both hardship  and happiness as she learns to accept her new life.  Finally, she must make a choice that will alter her future forever.  I admire Corn Tassel's strenth and courage.

A Child Called "It"

I would recommend A Child Called It because it was an intriguing autobiography about a young boys survival from abuse.  I really enjoyed this book because of the emotion from the writing.  The book really pulls you into his story and you don't want to stop reading.

100% Official Justin Bieber First Step 2 Forever, My Story

In Justin Bieber: First Step 2 Forever, Justin pretty much summarizes his life in a 240 page book.  He gives a description of the difficulties of his childhood, and the happiness.  He shares his dreams as a young star and his fears.  Read this book to discover the incredible life of Justin Bieber!