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c302 -


Video Media

Videocassettes and DVD's are available for home use to all library cardholders of the St. Charles City-County Library District.

Borrowers assume responsibility for damages to, or loss of video media, and/or video media cases. Borrowers will be charged the original list price for media not returned or for any damaged beyond reasonable repair. Replacement cost of the case shall be charged according to the current replacement cost list available in each branch.

Since the cleanliness and condition of individual patrons’ equipment cannot be controlled, the District assumes no responsibility for damage done to equipment by media.

The Library District holds that it is not in "loco Parentis". It is the responsibility of a parent or legal guardian to determine which materials their minor may use. All library cardholders may borrow video media according to this policy. However, because of widespread public acceptance of the MPAA ratings, movie productions rated "R" or "NC-17" by the MPAA are restricted to cardholders age 17 or older.

Employees of the Library District shall make a good faith effort to restrict use according to this policy. However, library employees shall not be held responsible for failure to enforce the restricted use portion of this policy.

(Former policy #C120; renumbered and revised 12/10/90;
revised 1/14/02)