E075 -




This policy establishes regulations controlling petitioning, soliciting, and distributing literature to employees or customers on Library District property.

Persons are prohibited in engaging in the personal distribution of literature and or solicitation of library employees and customers in Library District buildings and grounds with exceptions noted below.  Government agencies that disseminate information in District buildings pursuant to the approval of the Library Director or his designate are not engaged in petition, solicitation or distribution of literature as defined in this policy.

Employees' distribution and solicitation for charitable activities and bulletin board displays are regulated by different policies.   Limited exceptions for petition, solicitation or distribution does not constitute endorsement by the District.

Petitioning, solicitation and distribution of literature is allowed in the following circumstances:

  1. Inside a library, petitions are allowed only in the context of scheduled meetings in library meeting rooms.  Petitioners may not stand outside the library meeting rooms.
  2. Petitioners may stand outside library buildings on Library District property in areas designated by staff, away from entrances, but must not impede traffic, or pursue customers.  Literature may be distributed at locations designated by staff outside library buildings on library property in areas designated by staff, away from entrances, but must be done in a matter that does not impede traffic. 


(Revised 4/10/06)