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E075 -


Petitioning and Solicitation


St. Charles City-County Library District allows the circulation of petitions outside library facilities as long as the activity does not interfere with the conduct of business or impede the free public access to Library buildings. Specifically, individuals gathering petition signatures may stand or sit on Library property in areas designated by library staff, as long as they do not block or interfere with customers seeking to use the Library, do not pursue or follow customers, or otherwise disrupt Library activities. Petitioners are not guaranteed the use of an area protected from sun, heat, or inclement weather. Signs promoting petitions may not be placed on library property and petitioners must in no way affiliate themselves with the Library, either through written publicity, signage, or verbal statements. Petitioners are required to check in with the Library's front staff desk prior to gathering signatures.

Petitioning inside Library buildings is prohibited. Petitioners refusing to comply with this policy will be asked to leave Library property.

Persons are prohibited in engaging in the personal distribution of literature and or solicitation of library employees and customers in Library District buildings and grounds, including parking lots.

(Revised 4/10/06, 5/10/16)