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E075 -


Non-Reservable Collections


Non-Reservable Collections will be available in all branches and consist of same titles in all branches. The items will be popular high demand titles flagged as non-reservable. Items will be purchased and added as additional copies to existing catalog records. Copies will be owned by specific branches and will not be used to fill reserves. 

The following guidelines will be observed: 


Format Loan Periods Overdue fine rate Maximum Fine 
Books 1 week $1 per day $20
DVDs 3 days  $1 per day $20

Limits: 2 non-reservable items per checkout 

Renewals: none 

We do not want staff to have an unfair advantage in using the materials. Therefore, staff will not be allowed to checkout the items. 

(Proposed June, 2009; Approved 6/8/09)