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Houck Professional Rooms

(located at the Spencer Road Branch)

The Bob & Jackie Houck Professional Center is designed to support the community through the provision of specialized Business, Public Management and Nonprofit services.  The Professional Rooms are intended to augment the Library District’s specialty services by providing professional space for business meetings, trainings, and programs.

The Bob & Jackie Houck Professional Center emphasizes education, research, and sound business practices.  Their purpose is to strengthen and support the community’s business, governmental, and nonprofit infrastructure and to improve the quality of life in St. Charles County.

Applications for the use of a Houck Professional Room may be made online through the Library District’s website or by contacting the Spencer Road Branch reference staff.  The Library District requires a seventy-two (72) hour lead time for the processing of online applications.  Library customers applying for the use of a meeting room within seventy-two (72) hours or less of the meeting time should contact library staff directly.  Early notification of cancellations is encouraged.

In addition to Library Policy C250, Library District staff shall manage the Houck Professional Rooms in accordance with the following regulations:

  1. A responsible party must be a minimum eighteen (18) years of age or older and possess a valid library card, in good standing, to reserve a Professional Room.
  2. Library Customers shall pay, prior to use of the room, a cost-recovery fee to the Library District, established in accordance with Library Policy C251 Meeting Room Fee Schedule.
  3. The Houck Professional Rooms may be reserved online through the Library District’s room reservation system for use during the current month and/or the following month.  Rooms may not be booked more than one time in a twenty-eight (28) day period for the same group or entity.  Library customers wishing to reserve the Houck Professional Rooms up to three (3) months in advance must contact branch staff directly.
  4. The Houck Professional Rooms are not available for use on Sundays (see Policy C286 Sunday Library Service).
  5. If a reservation is to be cancelled, organizations are required to notify the Library District twenty-four (24) hours in advance.  A failure to notify the Library District of the cancellation of a reservation may result in restricted access to the Houck Professional Rooms.
  6. Meetings may be closed to the general public, provided that the meetings are held in compliance with RSMo 610 (the Sunshine Law).  Pursuant to the provisions of RSMo 610, space will be designated within the branch for public posting of meeting times and agendas.
  7. Programs open to the general public must be listed and presented as informational, educational, or instructional.  Presenters shall make no direct solicitation of attendees to secure clients or customers for their commercial purpose.
  8. Normally fees or collections for admission may not be charged.  Educational programs, including those conducted by the Library District and its partner agencies, may assess cost recovery fees.
  9. The arrangement of the Houck Professional Room furniture and fixtures may not be changed without the express permission of the Library District.
  10. Limited use of designated multimedia hardware in the Houck Professional Rooms shall be extended to the community, provided the need for such is identified in the application for room reservation.
  11. Meeting Room set up or break down is the responsibility of the reserving organization’s personnel.  The reserving organization shall insure that the Houck Professional Room(s) are left in an orderly manner (e.g. the wet sink area and conference tables are clean, the coffee pot is cleaned and unplugged, and the chairs are returned to the original positions).
  12. The Houck Professional Rooms may not be used for the purpose of crafting, modeling, carving, scrap booking, painting, sculpting, or other related activities.  The use of paint, glitter, glue, solder, or similar products in the Houck Professional Rooms is prohibited.
  13. Unless specifically outlined above, All Library District Policies shall apply to the use of the Professional Rooms.

When conflicts arise between the proposed use of the Library District’s Meeting Rooms and regulations presented in this policy, the Board of Trustees of the St. Charles City-County Library District shall have the final authority in granting or refusing permission for use of the rooms.

 (Approved 12/12/2011)