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Borrowing Limits



The quantity of specific materials loaned to patrons shall be limited by the Library District upon a visual check by the staff per each checkout session during the time a particular collection is limited to a small volume and the demand exceeds the ability to fill requests.  Such will normally occur as an initial collection is beginning to be formed, i.e., DVDs, and continue until such time as the collection is established and staff are comfortable with dropping the limit.  Branch Managers, in conjunction with the Deputy Director, shall determine when the limits are appropriate.

In addition, temporary limits may sometimes be placed on materials for a short period of time when demand exceeds the ability to fill requests. These are examples of types of materials that may be limited:


  • Assignment Alert
  • Science Fair experiment books
  • Mark Twain Award nominees
  • Easy Books during Summer Reading
  • Holiday Books

Branch Managers shall excercise discretion in implementing other limits within the respective branch, based on supply and demand, especially when a collection might be decimated by excessive use of specific subject areas.

The District has the right to limit reserves on certain titles and subjects as deemed appropriate to insure availability of the collections to others.

Policy #C232 sets a maximum allowed a library card at any one time.


An item cannot be renewed if it is currently on request.  Normally an item may be renewed only 6 times.

(Revised 6/14/04)